Thank you for an amazing 2018!

Another great year — thanks to you, Houston!

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Due to an influx of registration and overwhelming community support, the Texas Med Run shirts are currently limited in sizes and quantities.
If you register now or did not receive the correct shirt, we will be placing a second order and will be mailing the shirts to you.
The Harris County Hospital District Foundation is incredibly grateful for you, your dedication, and your support for the Harris County community. Together, we are making a positive impact on the lives of those served by the Harris Health System.

The funds raised this year benefited the Harris Health System CAPES Program

When a loved one is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, monumental change occurs within the family unit, and the children within the family are impacted significantly. As stated by Dr. Kehl, “the underserved population in a public hospital system faces a multitude of challenges, and a cancer diagnosis has the potential to destabilize the lives not just of our patients but of their families.” Fortunately, The Harris Health System has the Children of Adult Patients Enduring Stressors (CAPES) program. It is designed to maximize families’ ability to cope with stressors impacting their lives by providing evidence-based psychosocial support to children of adult patients, while empowering family members with the tools needed to assist children through difficult medical experiences.

Through the help of our generous donors, we are able to continue providing families with these invaluable support services at Ben Taub Hospital, Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and Outpatient Center, Quentin Mease Hospital, and Smith Clinic. Please join our cause to raise funds to continue to support CAPES: Children of Adult Patients Enduring Stressors.

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